Welcome. I am Carlos Madruga a professional bee keeper and live bee removal specialist.

We serve the the following cities in Texas: Conroe, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Houston, Spring and surrounding areas.

Bees are a marvel of nature and critical to the pollination of fruits, vegetables and flowers. We need to preserve them.
Just not in your house or yard!

Our Service

We are one of the few companies that will remove bees without killing them. Instead,
we vacuum them up and transport them to a bee
yard. We also remove as much wax comb as possible removing all the brood, honey, pollen and the queen. When all the bees and comb are removed, we fill the cavity with fiberglass insulation to prevent the next swarm of bees that is looking for a home from
moving back into it.

Because of our 30 plus years of residential construction experience we are able to open up the structure, perform the removal and rebuild the structure to its original condition.

Additionally, our experience in construction and bee keeping allows us to assess a problem even before opening up the structure.

What to expect

  • We will inspect the situation and answer any questions that you may have.

  • Check our testimonials to see what people have to say.

  • If necessary we will open up the structure to remove the bees.

  • We will then fill the cavity and repair the building to its original condition.

  • When the work is complete you will notice some bees have been stranded outside. This is a normal condition and the bees will die in a couple of days. During that time you might notice that the number of bees has increased. This is because other bees in the neighborhood have been attracted by the scent of honeycomb and honey.

  • Again this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Why Us

Unlike many bee removal companies we provide a complete and guaranteed service.

  • We remove European honey bees, Africanized honey bees, and Bumble bees. We will eliminate Wasps and Yellow Jackets.

  • We remove the brood, honey, pollen and the queen.

  • We fill the cavity with insulation to prevent reoccupation.

  • We repair the structure to its original condition.

  • We guarantee our work. If bees ever reoccupy an area that we removed them from we will remove them again at no charge to you.

What to do

  • Keep children and pets at least 100 feet away from the swarm or hive.

  • Do not disturb the bees. You may get attacked.

  • Do not attempt to remove the bees yourself. You could get seriously hurt. The live capture of bees requires an experienced professional, especially if the bees are Africanized.

  • Do not have a pest control company or yourself kill the bees. Even if you are successful in killing all the bees you will leave behind the honeycomb and honey. This will:

   Attract other bees
   Attract other animals
   Melt in the heat and stain your ceiling and walls.

here to see an example of what can happen if a hive is just killed and not removed.

We also operate a local mini storage facility. If you need safe and inexpensive (10 x 25 for $80 per month) storage then please visit

2114 West Davis Street
Conroe, TX 77304-2049